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I’ve decided to try and do something a bit new on my blog – on the first of every month I am going to publish something I’ve named ‘The Monthly Review’, a feature where I’ll be listing and discussing all the films that I’ve been watching. Hopefully this will not only provide some insightful comments and recommendations but also encourage me to watch more films than I already do as well as watch a more diverse range of films, something I am wanting to do after beginning to study modules with narrower, more specific focuses on my degree. Please let me know in the comments or via social media if you have any ideas on changes/developments I could make to this series!

WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING: (* – indicates something I’ve rewatched this month)

1. Goldfinger

2. Lion *

3. Breathless (A bout de souffle)

4. The Matrix

5. The Full Monty *

6. Jaws

7. Like Crazy

8. Lost in Translation

9. 5 to 7

10. Suspiria

11. Antonia’s Line

12. Logan

13. Moana

14. Brokeback Mountain

15. The Kids are All Right

16. School of Rock *

17. Monsters, Inc *

18. Cinderella (2015)

19. Cheaper by the Dozen *

20. Bowling for Columbine

21. Beauty and the Beast (2017)



LOGAN – This was a pretty easy choice for me, I absolutely loved Logan. A fantastic film that refuses to be restricted by the ‘superhero’ genre. It is unique, uses its 15/R rating to great effect, showcases extrodinary acting talent and is probably the first ‘superhero’ film to have such a profound emotional effect on me. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Honourable mentions to – Moana, Beauty and the Beast, Jaws.



This one goes to two, very different films for very different reasons. It was impossible to decide because they are worlds apart in every way.

SUSPIRIA – Dario Argento’s 1977 horror is a notorious classic, known as one of the most graphically violent and terrifying films of all time, it’s not one I jumped at the chance of watching. Unfortunately, a week on Postwar European film in my European Cinema module meant I had to watch Suspiria against my will and it was actually the total opposite of what I expected. Of course, its timelessly scary in places and not for the faint-hearted, but it was a film I took so much out of stylistically; the gorgeous use of colour is not something I will forget in a long time. Classifying it as ‘surprise of the month’ not just because its jumpy, its a refreshing watch in comparison to the stylistically absent horror films made in recent years.

LIKE CRAZY – This Sundance winner from 2011 is a film that’s been on my radar for a number of years after having heard it compared to Blue Valentine, one of my all time favourite films. I finally got round to watching it this month and was utterly blown away, had I not created this category it would’ve hands down been my favourite film of the month. So much surprised me about this film, the way it totally absorbed me for 90 minutes and made me feel emotions that only a few films can do. Worth watching for the brilliant performances of the two leads alone, this is an indie film that beautifully encapsulates everything that independent cinema is about.



Some of the films I saw this month weren’t instant favourites, but there was only one film I watched this month that I absolutely hated and that was CINDERELLA.

I am a big Disney fan, and although I don’t love every single Disney film, I’m usually very good at finding something likeable in each. Unfortunately this was not the case with Kenneth Brannagh’s live-action remake of the animated classic, I found it a tiresome, predictable and very lightweight watch. Very few of the characters were likeable let alone convincing and to me it genuinely felt like the kind of thing you’d see on TV at a weird hour. It’s film that’s flaws are brought even further to light by the new reboot of Beauty and the Beast – if you want a good live-action Disney film, avoid Cinderella at all costs and watch that instead.


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