alicetalksfilm is a film and entertainment blog ran and written by myself, a 20-year-old, second-year Film Studies student at the University of Southampton.

Having started the blog back when I was studying for my GCSEs, I had no intention of taking my love of film beyond being a hobby into the realm of academia, yet here I am! My main goal, aside from becoming a journalist after I graduate, is to use this blog (alongside my regular work in my Students Union entertainment magazine, The Edge) to improve my writing style and gain some hard-to-come-by experience.

Due to my commitments to other publications where most of my reviews can be found, I no longer tend to use this blog to write articles on cinema releases. Instead, alicetalksfilm has become more of a forum for discussion, in which I write from time to time on current issues and will, of course, write reviews if I feel like it!

Please share the link around and get in contact if you have any queries or request for articles. I’m also always keen to hear from anybody who would like to work with me or offer any related opportunities.


I can be contacted and interacted with through either of the following links (although Twitter is almost definitely your best option, I’m always on there!!):

Twitter – @alicetalksfilm

Email for all enquiries – alicetalksfilm@gmail.com


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